Introducing PureTec™PFA Heat Exchange
& Condenser Tube Protectors



PureTec™ Overview

Add years of life to deteriorating tubes

PureTec™ is manufactured from extruded PFA fluoropolymer tubing which is Fluoroformed™ through a proprietary process to completely encapsulate and protect the inlets of your condenser or heat exchanger. PureTec tube protectors are for new tubes or to extend the life of older tubes which have become pitted and thinned at entrance points. PureTec PFA tubes have a zero corrosion rate, are non-stick and will not foul or hold scale formation. PureTec PFA tubes are available in sizes from 3/8" to 2" diameters and lengths of 6" (std.) to 250 feet for complete tube replacement. Temperature range from -100°F to +400°F.

PureTec™ PFA tube protectors

PureTec PFA tube protectors are designed for simple installation without tools or adhesive. Simply line up and press fit by hand.